ok apparently my wifi is working again so anyone has a link to another video for the 1004/badman mvs making? the ones in itsbap have been deleted cries

130523 Yoongi’s tweets: “Ah, we finished the practice late at night and I’m bored, I gotta tease Jimin eungkyakya~ I want to make of Jimin a giant, so that Jimin becomes a giant who has strong muscular abs so I can ride in his back and go for a walk outside. Now I won’t be scared of the donkeys in case they want to hit me.” for sugafuck ♡ trans

Anonymous whispered: can you please make gifset of yongguk dancing to secret I do I do?

i promise i will as soon as my wifi works again!!

Zelo is bright like neon, like a “Matsu Tree” in that he is hard to knock down, and like a blank piece of paper as he will become a person more amazing than anyone else. - Yongguk

EXO isn’t our rival, but an opponent in a well-intended competition —B.A.P (via daekeki)

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Cuter than puppies

suga ft yoonmin picspam ♡ (asked by xreysa)