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This is Bangtan style!

This is Bangtan style!

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[NEWS] 140416 Secret’s Hyosung to Release Solo Album in May  


Hyosung, a member of the girl group Secret, will be releasing a solo album in May.

According to multiple industry insiders, Jeon Hyosung will be making a comeback with her own solo album. Duble Sidekick composed the title track, and the album is at its final stages. The specific comeback date is in the process of being adjusted.

Hyosung has said since last year that she wanted to release a solo album. The album has been in talks since the end of last year, and she has been devoting herself to finding a title track.

Hyosung will be the second member of Secret to release a solo album. She is expected to show a different style that will set her apart from her group mate, Song Ji Eun, who has previously released two solo albums.  

Hyosung previously displayed her acting skills through her role in the OCN drama, “Cheo Yong.” She will now be taking on the challenge of releasing a solo album. The drama was concluded earlier this month, and she is currently putting all of her focus on her solo album.


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